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About Borough Park, NY

Borough Park, NY is a neighborhood in the southwestern part of the borough of Brooklyn, in New York City. With tree-lined streets, driveways, and backyards on many of the properties, it is an unusual neighborhood within New York City. The homes are stand-alone or semi-attached and filled with character. The team at Mike’s Wallpaper offers full painting and wallpapering services to clients in Borough Park, NY, and other surrounding neighborhoods. Mike’s Wallpaper is an official supplier of Benjamin Moore paints and can help you choose the best paint options for your space.

Benjamin Moore Paint in Borough Park, NY

Often, the first thing people do when they move into a new home is paint the walls. The color and design on your walls can completely change the look of your space and are a major contributor to the aesthetic you want to create. You may think there are a limited number of colors out there, but paint comes in countless shades and pigments, and every year, new ones are added by major paint brands like Benjamin Moore.

Paint is an effective way to highlight an area of your home or elevate a mundane space into something well-designed and high-end. You can use paint to create a neutral aesthetic or to add drama or a focal point. There are so many ways to use paint in your space, from painting all one color to adding designs, accents, and varied colors throughout your Borough Park, NY home.

At Mike’s Wallpaper, we carry different lines of Benjamin Moore paints to suit the needs of any space and budget. The Benjamin Moore paint lines include:

Benjamin Moore Aura

Aura is at the top of the Benjamin Moore paint varieties and is the most expensive option. The paint is thick, offering optimal coverage without needing multiple coats. It is a paint and primer in one and UV resistant, meaning sun exposure won’t cause the color to fade over time. It’s a great choice if you’re painting over a dark color. Aura also comes in a Bath & Spa variety, created specifically for spaces in your home that have high humidity levels.

Benjamin Moore Regal Select

Regal Select is the second level of Benjamin Moore paints and a perfect choice for most home projects. It is not as thick as Aura, but thick enough to provide easy coverage, and is also stain resistant, making it a great choice for families with young children and pets. It is also more affordable than Aura while still being excellent quality, and is both a paint and a primer.

Benjamin Moore Ben

Ben is Benjamin Moore’s value line. It requires a few coats to give the coverage you need, but the paint is still of great quality and looks beautiful. Like the other lines, Ben combines a primer with the paint so you don’t need as many steps to finish the paint job. Even though multiple coats may be needed, the Ben line dries quickly so more than one coat can be accomplished in a day.

Benjamin Moore Advance

The Advance line is specifically designed for doors, cabinets, and trim, and can also be used on your home’s exterior. You will need to use primer for this paint.


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Choosing Mike’s Wallpaper

At Mike’s Wallpaper, our professionals are trained in all aspects of painting and wallpapering. We carry a full line of Benjamin Moore paints, as well as a wide variety of wallpaper options. Our team members work closely with our clients to listen to their needs and wants and give them exactly what they’ve been looking for. If you need paint applied or wallpaper put up in your Borough Park, NY home, reach out to us so we can turn your walls into a space you love to spend time in!




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